Welcome to the site of the annual Barefoot 3v3 Soccer Tournament & Festival, in partnership with the City of Liberty Lake. Players of all skill levels compete for title of Barefoot Champion.
2013 Barefoot 3v3 Results!

 Age Group




 BGU9-10 Toe Jam Nomads I Guard International
 BU11-12 FC Spokane Hardly Athletic I Guard International
 GU11-12 United Strikes Back 3 Calluses & 1 Wart Jimmy Johns
 GU13-14-15 Toe Jam Sharpened Toothpicks George Gee
 Combo Athletes Foot Soccer Divas Clarks Tire & Automotive
From those of us who organized this event, we want to thank all players, coaches, parents, volunteers, field monitors, sponsors, The City of Liberty Lake and Pavilion Park for making this a success. We hope you all had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the warm weather and great green grass. In the near future, as we compile the pictures and videos, we will have them available on this site. So keep your eyes open and keep coming back.
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Barefoot 3v3