Welcome to the site of the annual Barefoot 3v3 Soccer Tournament & Festival, in partnership with the City of Liberty Lake. Players of all skill levels compete for title of Barefoot Champion.

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I can't believe our second annual Barefoot 3v3 tournament has come to a close. We had 74 teams participate this year, almost double last year! Thank you everyone who participated and/or volunteered at this years Barefoot 3v3 Tournament and Festival. We had a great time putting this all together for you, and we hope you had a wonderful and memorable time as well. The final brackets are loaded on the Brackets and Documents tab.

2014 Barefoot 3v3 Results!

 Age Group




Champion Team Picture



 Avengers 5

Vyper Strykers 

Hintz Dental 



Barefoot Bandits 


Tire Rama 



WE Outkast 

 Hardly Athletic

Umpqua Bank 



Barefoot Shadow Boys 

Toe Maders 

Les Schwabs 



Barefoot Shadow 

 Funky Feet

George Gee 



Can't Beat Stinky Feet

Barefoot Baristas /

Barefoot Baes 

CorkHouse Restaurant



 Barefoot Beauties

 Fancy Footwork

Umpqua Bank 



Snow Foxes 

 Kick Yo Ballz

Les Schwabs 


 Adult Combo


 Barefoot Bigfoot

Hintz Dental 


 Mens Open

 Team ESS

 Atlas Blue

 Jimmy Johns