2015 Barefoot3v3 Champions

This year we had one particularly exciting competition as we approached the finals of the U-9 division.  Barefoot Babes lost their first game to Foxes sending the former immediately into the losing bracket.  A determined team, however, Barefoot Babes fought back into the winning bracket, playing games back to back with only a 10 minute reprieve at least twice on Sunday.  

Upon reaching the finals, Barefoot Babes played Buttered Toast who, as yet, was undefeated.  And, since Barefoot3v3 requires losing twice to be eliminated, a championship win for Barefoot Babes would mean playing Buttered Toast a second time.  In the first game the teams were neck and neck.  Barefoot Babes scored first but Buttered Toast countered - back and forth.

Barefoot Babes and Buttered Toast battling it out.

By the final whistle, however, Barefoot Babes won - meaning 1 down, 1 to go.  The rematch however, was even fiercer.  In regular time they tied moving on to "sudden death" over time.  This too, however, ended in a draw.  Finally, after lots of angst (likely more on the sidelines from the parents of both teams) Barefoot Babes squeaked by, pulling ahead in penalty kicks to win.  Wow!!!!

A similar comeback attempt occurred in the adult division but with a different result.  Shoeless lost their first two games putting them at the bottom of the losers bracket.  However, they battled back playing a total of seven games on Saturday in order to enter the finals.  However, their luck didn't hold as they were squarely beaten (almost with a first-to-13 win) by the amazingly quick and superb ball handling of Latino Express in the finals.

Great job to all our champions: