Making a Difference Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks so much to our sponsors, we were able to donate soccer balls and t-shirts overseas.  Mark Michaelis and his daughter, Abigail, took the soccer gear with them as the traveled through East Africa and donated it to various schools in South Sudan, Northern Uganda and Northern Mozambique.  The children were overjoyed.  What was especially great was leaving the everlasting soccer balls - the same ones used in the tournament.  Regular soccer balls are challenging there.  They are punctured by common thorn bushes with thorns generally longer than an inch, they are played with every day for multiple hours by each grade at the school and simply wear out, and, in the unlikely event that they last long enough to need more air, there simply aren't ball pumps and needles easily available.  Fortunately, the everlasting balls solve all these problems.  Admittedly, they don't last forever, but they do last an order of magnitude longer than regular soccer balls.